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I have my plans, including the plan to make a plan. It took 14 years to decide to publish this book, so what’s the rush? Giving myself April to figure things out. I’m going to get my website ready. Get some professional photos taken. Decide how I want to use social media to promote the book (not my suit). Write a couple of articles about those who have contributed to the book. Decide on the right or most advantageous categories to publish the book under (I read that’s important). Have a preorder period where I can build up some buzz. Plan to have all formats – hardback, paperback and ebook – publish simultaneously.

After a busy week, Saturday was time to refocus on book tasks. Today’s task was to visit a black-owned independent bookstore in Fort Worth, TX, that had been recommended to me as a potential location to hold a book signing. Off I went to The Dock Bookshop with a proof copy of my book, not sure what to expect. They were so nice! I got some good advice about promoting my book, and was asked if I could participate in their Spring Fling event. April 15, just two weeks away. I could rigidly stick with my plan (or plan to plan), or I could go for this. Two weeks! It feels doable, giving it my best shot.

If you notice things askew on this website, I apologize…it is a work in progress. But do share a comment, I will appreciate that.


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