Omowunmi Akinyoade

Omowunmi Akinyoade is an IT professional of over 20 years, and has now published her debut children’s book, The Putaway Monster. She wrote this book many years ago when her children were young and was living the experience that will be familiar to many, of getting the kids to tidy up after they play.

Omowunmi was born and raised in Nigeria where she developed a voracious appetite for books. She has a deep belief in the power of reading to transcend our individual experiences which is why it is so to nurture the love of books in children. Omowunmi holds a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, and a Masters in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. She ia currently a Senior Director for Cybersecurity Compliance at a software company and lives in Mansfield, Texas with her husband, Toye, and two now almost grown kids, Temi and Tomiwa.

How do you say Omowunmi? O-mo-wun-mi, or just call her Omie.

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